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Comspot Round


Comspot Round is sans serif with a strong typewriter flavor by keeping a human and friendly touch. It was designed in 2015 for the Hamburg based reseller Comspot GmbH. It's very powerful figures makes it useful for prices and tables.


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Comspot Round was designed for the Hamburg based reseller CPN Network GmbH and Comspot GmbH in 2015.

It contains three weights. The Regular works well in text and the Medium in even small caption sizes. The Bold is powerful and strong in headlines.

The standard figures are monospaced, because CPN is going to set a lot of tables in Microsoft Office.

Main characteristic is the typewriter flavor. Nils added an extra feature to access some special letters with an even more monospaced character (G, I, J, L, f, i, j, l, r). This is useful for posters in large sizes.

The fonts are mainly used in the client’s business magazines and on the website. Therefore the fonts are optimized with truetype hinting.

Until 2016 Nils Thomsen will extend Comspot Round to a complex typeface system including more weight from Ultra Thin to Black. The release is set for summer.

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